Terms And Conditions

Shipping and Delivery

Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. Providing a facilitated shipping and delivery process is added in our list for our customer’s convenience.


Courier Companies 

We’re providing a delivery worldwide via Aramex.


Shipping & Delivery Fees 

Shipping fees are calculated according to your destination, and it’s automatically computed and added in your bill once you filled out the shipping address.

*Orders may incur import duties and taxes agencies; payment of these is considered necessary to release your order.


Delivery Time 

All orders are delivered within 3 to 7 business days after:

  • Receiving the payment if made by debit or credit card.
  • Confirming that the bank transfer has been made – please note cross banks transfer takes additional 3 working days.
  • Confirming the order by clicking on the link provided via SMS (or by phone) or email if you choose to pay by cash on delivery.

Customer care agent from the assigner courier company will contact you on the provided number to arrange the delivery. Please ensure that you answer incoming calls to your mobile so that the courier agent can get in touch with you and arrange for a suitable delivery time. Please be informed that all deliveries are not available during weekends and public holidays.


Status of Shipment

You will receive a notification thru SMS or Email once your order is already dispatch. This notification will provide you with a tracking number for you to track online your order status with the courier company or a contact number that you may call to check your shipment order. You can also log into your account on www.printo.bh to view your order status.


*Printo recommends you to print or otherwise retain a copy of shipping and delivery policy at the time of your purchase because this policy is subject to change without notice. The version of this shipping and Delivery Policy in effect at the time of your purchase will govern your purchase.  


Secure Payment Methods

Once that you have added your chosen items to your shopping cart, the only thing left to do is decide how you wish to pay for your purchases. Online payment, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery (**COD is applicable for Bahrain only) are all accepted forms of payment. Once your order has been received we will send you a confirmation email, and we will call you to confirm your purchase. You will receive a further call when you order is on its way.


Cash on Delivery

For customers without access to a credit/debit card, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD) as an alternative payment method for amounts lower than 60USD. Using this service, you can select to pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order.
*This service is only provided in Bahrain



We also accept online payments. All you have to do is select Paytabs as a payment method (after filling in your customer information) and proceed to ‘Place order.’ You will be redirected to your Paytabs account where all your debit or credit card details and address will be displayed, as well as your desired purchase. When you click “Pay Now” the amount will be sent to Printo. If you do not click “Pay Now” within 30 minutes your order will be cancelled.


Bank Transfer

Printo customer care agent will contact you to provide you with the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to which you are required to transfer the Net Amount of your Shopping Cart Grand Total. Your order will be shipped once the bank transfer is processed.